Some Notable Tech Improvements to Online Casinos in Recent Years

It seems strange to say it, but it’s now 25 years since Microgaming – one of the world’s biggest casino games makers – first started rolling out the software that would soon become online casinos. Indeed, it’s almost been 20 years now since access to online casinos become widespread, and a decade since casino games became widely accessible on mobile devices. Time really flies.

However, as with all industries that are tech-centric, online casinos see changes happening at an exponential rate. There is seemingly always some innovation, even those coming from outside the industry, that have made players’ experiences better. The games could be simple and offer big prizes, like the popular Progressive Blackjack onlinevariant, or sophisticated, like the new range of interactive slots, but the industry is changing from top to bottom. Below we look at some things that have changed in recent years, with a specific focus on how that has improved players’ experiences:

HTML5 sites

It might not seem like a headline to trumpet about, but the upgrade to HTML5 was a blessing for casino sites and players. Many casinos had struggled in the past to keep their content running smoothly and fast, especially with the likes of banner ads and flash videos popping up to promote the latest games and promotions. In short, HTML5 has made it a slicker, smoother experience for the player. Most will probably not even notice – but that’s probably the point.

Interactive Gaming

In fairness, this side of things is still somewhat in the developmental stage, but it is starting to come through to the mainstream. Interactive gaming is all about participation from the inside rather than being a player on the outside. We have seen it in its infancy with slot games which require your input with different features, and through live dealer games which require you to interact with the dealer, but the future seems much bolder than that with the implementation of 4D games.

Payments and Security

Fast, secure deposits and withdrawals has always been an important issue for players, although casinos have always been among the most secure sites. One method that has been gaining popularity is Envoy, which specialises in sending international money at low costs., many players are wary about using traditional methods like credit cards and debit cards online, for a variety of different reasons. That’s changed with the rise of eVouchers and eWallets, such as PayPal and Paysafecard. Moreover, you can even use your mobile provider to make deposits for an extra layer of security.

Progressive networks

If you have a 1000 people playing your casino game and take, say, a cent from each bet and place it into a jackpot fund, it will take a while to build up a life-changing cash prize. However, if you take a cent from a million players playing a dozen different games, you can create some major big winners. That’s the theory behind progressive jackpot networks; interconnected games where everyone pays into the pot. Any spin could win the big prize, which could be worth millions of dollars. It’s been a revelation to players.

An increase in pop culture tie-ups

Software developers have to come up with new ideas to base game themes upon, and increasingly they are looking to the world of movies, television and other areas of pop culture for licensing deals. DC Comics, American Dad, Marilyn Monroe, The Matrix, Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Bridesmaids, and snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan, is just a selection of the movies, bands and people who have had casino games based upon them in recent years. It’s not the newest development, but many more have been released recently as developers look for new and innovative ways to create casino games.