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UK startup fighting fake news with AI launches £2.1M crowdfunding campaign

Image credits: Logically

Right from election interference to the anti-vax movement, the rise of Fake News is a serious threat to our society! Based out of London, Logically uses AI technologies to combat information overload, misinformation, fake news & other types of harmful content. 

£2.1 million crowdfunding campaign

Founded by Lyric Jain, the UK-based tech startup launched a new £2.1 million crowdfunding campaign to support the rollout of its next-generation threat intelligence and fact-checking services. The campaign is being carried out by the Seedrs fundraising platform.

The company intends to use the funding to consolidate its position as a leader in the anti-misinformation and fact-checking industry in the UK, USA, India, and globally.

Played a crucial role in various events

Notably, the company’s services have already been used to support election integrity efforts in the US and India, and are playing an important role in protecting the public against COVID-19 misinformation during the pandemic.

Logically combines advanced AI with the world’s largest fact-checking team to help governments, businesses, and the public uncover and address harmful misinformation and deliberate disinformation that is increasingly spread across the world. 

Founder and CEO Lyric Jain comments: “Since I founded the company three years ago, we have seen the phenomenon of mis and disinformation take root, evolve and proliferate. Its proponents’ strategies and networks have become more sophisticated, and tackling them requires an equally sophisticated response. By way of real and immediate threats, we need to look no further than the enormous misinformation challenge any Covid vaccination campaign will encounter. With this additional investment, we’ll be able to increase the speed and scale of the products and services Logically has developed that can make a real difference.” 

Raised £9.5M to date

The UK company has raised $12.7 million (approx £9.5 million) in funding to date. The company has offices in the UK and India and is opening an office in the US.