Caura: UK startup aims to take hassle out of car ownership, now offering insurance

Caura Image credits: Caura

Managing the vehicle can be a daunting task! In our busy and dynamic lifestyle, it is difficult to remember and schedule things like road tax, insurance work, and much more. To tackle the problems, there are numerous apps out there in the market, and one such is Caura. 

Founded in 2020, Caura helps UK drivers to manage their car by aggregating parking, tolls, MOT, road tax, car insurance, and congestion charges.

Caura Protect

Recently, the London-based company launched Caura Protect – a new insurance product that significantly reduces the cost and time taken to insure a car.

Notably, Caura users can pay for all parking, taxes, congestion charges, tolls, and ULEZ – and insurance – through the simple and user-friendly app. The UK company enables drivers to compare insurers and manage their policy, all in-app, in under a minute. 

Redesigned whole process to reduce time wastage

The company has redesigned the signup and verification process to reduce the time needed to find the best insurance policy for each driver.  Also, the app instantly verifies users against official sources like the DVLA, simplifying the experience, and reducing the risk of insurance fraud.

“Traditionally, buying car insurance online meant answering 50+ questions on a price comparison website and then being handed off to the insurer to complete the purchase. Now, in just a minute, Caura users can research options, select a quote, pay, and be covered to drive. This is a complete overhaul for the user experience,” said James Harrison, Head of Insurance at Dun & Bradstreet. 

Payment in two taps

Users can easily pay for insurance in just two taps, through Apple Pay or their stored credit/debit card. After signing up, a user will be able to access their insurance documents, make a claim and adjust their policy all from the Caura app.

“Our partnerships with the leading UK insurers helps us make car ownership easy and affordable, and roads safer,” said Alan Hickman, Director of Insurance at Caura. “We have worked hard to create a seamless and simple way to buy and manage insurance just as we did for paying for parking, taxes and tolls.”

“Our single goal is to reduce the hassle and unnecessary fines associated with car ownership and its outdated ecosystem which has traditionally left drivers feeling powerless and frustrated,” said Dr. Sai Lakshmi, CEO of Caura. “This is the first step in our pipeline of insurance offerings. Our next step will be to make the claims process seamless and transparent, addressing another pain point in the industry.”

Caura is available on iOS now, and will soon be available on Android. Founded by Sai Lakshmi, the company has raised a total of £1.4M in funding to date.