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What millennial VCs look for in Gen Z and Y founders in the UK


Generation Z, those born between the mid-90s and 2010 are increasingly making their presence felt in the workforce and economy. The first generation that is younger than the internet, members are now in positions where their decisions have a direct impact on the companies they are in, the ideas they invest in, and the impact they have on society.

Impact investing, future opportunist

That impact is likely to grow and, it seems, for many gen Z investors having a positive impact on the world is as important as profit.

Profit, of course, remains the purpose of any business, but there is a more nuanced approach to how it is made. Perhaps, the difference is that instead of wanting to make a profit than finding a problem to solve, they instead look for problems to solve and then seek to build businesses on the solutions. And, of course, there is a belief in the power of technology....