Huddersfield electrochemical polishing startup raises £150k

Electrochemical polishing machine Holdson's Electroform machine

The British Design Fund has invested £150,000 into Holdson, which makes electrochemical polishing machines.

Based in Huddersfield, the startup’s electrochemical polishing machines are used to eliminate any contaminants or imperfections on the exterior of metals.

Aaron Holt, CEO and co-founder of Holdson, said: “While existing solutions are costly and slow, our patented process is up to six times faster, providing a 90% reduction in surface roughness in just 10 minutes.”

Holdson says its electroform machine can be used in sectors such as automotive and energy to polish 3D-printed metal parts.

Holt and fellow co-founder Neil Dickinson came up with the concept when trying to upgrade the capability of engine castings, realising the technique could be used more broadly.

“The knowledge and agility of the Holdson team was something that really impressed our investment committee,” said British Design Fund’s CEO Damon Bonser.

“As a seasoned entrepreneur, cofounder Aaron also has a track record in building successful businesses from the ground up, which will be invaluable when it comes to scaling Holdson in the coming months and years.”

Its electrochemical polishing machines will now be distributed to partners for real-world production testing.

Recent backings from the British Design Fund include a startup looking to reinvent the wheel and a flat-pack solar water heater.