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From crypto-mining to the metaverse: Techstars London reveals 2022 cohort

Techstars London 2022
Image credit: Techstars

Entrepreneur network Techstars London has revealed the 2022 cohort of startups in its accelerator programme.

This year’s cohort concentrates on helping underrepresented founders, with 42% of the companies female-led and two-thirds based outside of the UK and EU.

The 12 successful startups will spend the next three months evaluating growth plans with advice and support from the Techstars team. The cohort of startups will receive mentorship, training and access to investment funds.

Among the team is the new managing director, Saalim Chowdhury, who previously was an early employee at ScanSafe, which was acquired by Cisco for $183m (£146m).  Chowdhury is also an angel investor in UK consumer hardware tech company Nothing.

“For over 10 years in London, Techstars has created an incredibly diverse founder community that not only continues to support each other, globally we’ve collectively invested in more than 2,200 companies that today have a combined market cap valuation of $29bn,” said Chowdhury.

Techstars chooses the founders based on the empathy and compassion they show towards their customers.

Founded in 2006, Techstars to date has invested in more than 2,200 businesses with a combined market cap valuation of $29bn (£23.1bn). Prior investments include chat API Sendbird and homeless social enterprise Beam.

“Techstars has built a solid community of entrepreneurs and startups – both within the current cohort and the alumni. Starting a business can be a lonely experience, so simply being around each other every day provides a network of support that we haven’t experienced anywhere else,” said Yin Noe, co-founder & CEO, Savium.

Here is the full list of 12 Techstars London 2022 cohort,

Atom Universe

Atom Universe is launching what it calls the first metaverse as-a-service solution, letting businesses offer branded experiences in the metaverse.


An API that turns video game achievements into real-life skill badges, which can be used on a CV or job applications.


An all-in-one pet subscription app that provides breed-specific dog training courses, well-being and diet advice. It also lets users talk to trainers, vets and nutritionists.

Krater Tech Inc

A crypto-mining marketplace for hosting providers to list their services and hardware shops to sell equipment.


An open-source platform that aids easy deployment across several cloud vendors.


Pulley uses artificial intelligence to bring together stores, email and ad platforms to give advice for growth.


Savium’s software allows businesses to see their finances and costs in real-time. It uses open banking APIs, classification algorithms and statistics.


This startup is looking at bringing artificial intelligence experiences to video and live-stream content.


SPEEQO is a machine learning software company that can identify distress levels. Additionally, it delivers speech and audio analytics.

Stance Fitness Ltd

Creating internet of things (IoT) wearables and apps to help with weight and strength training.

Tonic Audio Labs

Tonic Audio Labs is an online audio collaboration platform that offers, audio file management, music sharing and timestamp-based feedback on songs. 


Vimma is looking to build the operating system for the creator economy. Through a subscription, creators can access features such as advice, collabs, media kit, growth exercises, media representation and growth coaching.