UKTN Podcast: How my pet music startup struck a chord with a US buyer – Music For Pets founder Amman Ahmed 

Music for Pets UKTN Podcast

In this week’s UKTN Podcast, Music For Pets founder Amman Ahmed reveals how he built a successful brand from nothing to a life-changing exit. 

Ahmed launched Music For Pets as a side project with business partner Ricardo Henriquez in 2017. The pair researched how music can have a therapeutic effect on anxious and overly excited animals.

After Music For Pets’ online content grew rapidly in popularity, Ahmed scaled the company to serve more than 20 million pets around the world, who listen to over 12 million hours of music each month. 

That growth – all without raising external funding and minimal marketing spend – saw Music For Pets acquired by Create Music Group earlier this year.  

During this episode of the UKTN PodcastAhmed explains how trusting yourself, your team and your product is essential and urges founders to consider their priorities when seeking lofty valuations. 

This season of the UKTN Podcast is sponsored by HSBC Innovation Banking, which offers flexible banking solutions for startups, scaleups, growth businesses, investors and those working towards IPO.

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