UK startup Visionable ‘Zoom for medics’ receives £500K from Innovate UK to develop ‘ambulance of the future’

Visionable Image credits: Visionable

In recent years, technological advancement in the healthcare industry has made it easier for workers to collaborate and communicate. Various solutions including mobile apps, video collaboration platforms, digital medical record systems, and more are helping healthcare workers to share data on patients securely and respond to requests instantly. 

Raised £500K smart grant!

Based out of London, Visionable provides a digital collaboration platform for clinicians to deliver better patient care. Recently, the company received GBP 500K Smart Grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. 

Visionable CEO, Alan Lowe, commented, “The Innovate UK grant is invaluable in allowing us to further develop Connected Ambulances and press ahead with the rollout throughout the UK. This is a milestone moment for the company, and we are delighted it will further cement our position as one of the leading firms globally which are powering the future of emergency response. By bringing specialist care directly into ambulances via our technology, diagnosis and treatment are accelerated which leads to improved recovery and outcomes, particularly following life-threatening events such as stroke. The result of better treatment for patients and reduction of time in hospitals and rehabilitation periods all translate to easing the burden on healthcare systems.”

How will the funding be used?

The healthtech company intends to use the funding to develop proprietary wearable devices for paramedics which allow them to live stream clinical consultations remotely while they are on-site treating patients. Further, the investment will be used to improve the capacity and capability of Connected Ambulances. 

What is Connected Ambulance?

Connected Ambulance is an advanced communications system developed by Visionable, which leverages 5G technology to connect ambulance paramedics and patients with specialist medical experts wherever they are located, through secure and reliable video conferencing.  

Using the encrypted high-speed data and clinical-grade images, the UK company enables accurate diagnosis of patients, reducing treatment times, and improving patient outcomes.

According to NHS England, around £300M could be saved annually if unnecessary ambulance callouts and A&E visits are cut in half.

Created to develop virtual care consultations

Founded by Alan Lowe, and Lord Victor Adebowale, who has worked within the NHS and who continue to partner closely with NHS clinicians, the platform has been created to develop fit-for-purpose digital care pathways and virtual care consultations.

Used by NHS hospitals and Trusts, Visionable has delivered and improved patient flow, facilitated quicker decision making, and improved patient experience across multiple care settings and specialties such as stroke. To date, Visionable has raised £17 million of investment.