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Train tickets could be a thing of the past as Masabi teams up with First Capital Connect

Soon paper tickets on London’s trains could be a thing of the past, thanks to a new mobile app by Masabi.

From today commuters on First Capital Connect can buy rail tickets in a couple of taps via smartphones and tablets, bringing an end to long queues collecting tickets from crowded stations.

Sidestepping contactless technology

Masabi’s ticket app generates a barcode that can be scanned by ticket gates and train staff.

This new app is one of many major changes to transport ticketing across London.

Buses across the capital now accept payment by cards with built-in contactless technology and Transport for London has already started expanding contactless payments across the tube network, which many believe will eventually replace the current prepaid Oyster card system.

The new app includes timetabling and repeat ticket bookings

Masabi’s mobile tickets sidestep contactless and NFC technologies entirely by placing the ticket on the screen of any compatible mobile device.

Track record

The company created the first city-wide mobile ticketing system for Boston back in 2012.

These new mobile tickets for London are limited to Kings Cross, Cambridge and King’s Lynn, with more commuter stops being added in the near future.

If only there was an app to make the trains run on time…