This proptech VC from London announces €200M funds to invest in late seed to Series B startups

Round Hill Ventures

Just like any other industry, the real-estate sector has quickly adapted to modernisation, thanks to numerous proptech startups out there. Over the past few years, the European proptech industry witnessed a huge rise in VC investments

This trend seems likely to continue in the upcoming years as well since there are lots of venture capitalists ready to propel the proptech’s growth. 

In this regard, Round Hill Ventures is Europe’s leading PropTech venture capital firm, with four years of experience in PropTech investing. So far, the company has invested in 15 companies and two accelerators over the last four years.

Closed €200M funding

Recently, Round Hill Ventures (RHV), announced the first close of a dedicated European PropTech Fund set to invest €200M in Late Seed – Series B high growth ventures. The new fund is led by experienced technology investor and operator, Arnie Sriskandarajah, working alongside Round Hill Capital CEO, Michael Bickford.

Michael Bickford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Round Hill Capital, comments: “We are on the cusp of major changes in global real estate as the sector evolves to match modern consumer expectations and streamline its operations. We recognised this trend early on and have become deeply ingrained in the European PropTech sector having spent many years integrating technologies into our property management businesses and building relationships with the key Tech players and, ultimately, investing in best-of-breed Proptech companies ahead of the curve. We see a clear market opportunity for technology centred around the modern needs of residents, and I’m excited that our fund will help address this opportunity for investors and society alike.”

Arnie Sriskandarajah, Managing Director of Round Hill Ventures, adds: “Attracting blue-chip, top tier institutional investors marks a key step in our success story as global champions of PropTech. Our investors trust our experience and recognise that technology is key to staying competitive in real estate. Our relationship with a premier, vertically integrated investment manager like Round Hill Capital means we have access to an extensive network of global real estate professionals providing us insights and access to opportunities in our selected markets.”

Focus on promising PropTech innovations

With this fund, Round Hill Ventures will focus on the most promising PropTech innovations aiming to harness technological transformation in how people build, use, and allocate physical space, ultimately bringing benefits to consumers. The company aims to invest in Europe and is aiming for a portfolio size of circa 45 investments, for which it has a strong and growing pipeline of targets.

Introduce to new markets

The company will help accelerate the growth of suitable investments by introducing them into new markets via the firm’s global operations in investment management, development management, asset management, and property management.