Glimpse Protocol

Investors including Force Over Mass Capital, the FCA regulated venture capital firm focused on early stage technology investments across the UK and Europe, Simon Franks one of the co-founders of LoveFilm, Eric Salama former CEO of Kantar and Innovate UK have recently came together to back a new London-based startup Glimpse Protocol.

The tech startup was founded by Mark Stoter OBE, a former British Army Intelligence officer, and his cyberwarfare colleagues. They’re taking a stand to protect people’s privacy by developing new tech that delivers accurate digital ads without the need for consumer data.

Raised £1.3 million

Glimpse Protocol has secured a £1.3 million seed investment round which the company plans to use to grow its engineering team and capitalise on the success of pilots completed across 2020.

Mark Stoter OBE, CEO, and co-founder said, “Our vision for Glimpse Protocol is to set new standards for privacy in advertising, becoming the kitemark that consumers can trust. This investment will enable us to roll out our technology that delivers valuable, effective advertising while respecting consumer privacy. With consumers, regulators, and tech giants taking action on data privacy, the digital advertising industry is seeking a solution that can weather technical changes and increasingly stringent privacy requirements. Unlike our competitors, who offer partial stopgaps, Glimpse Protocol provides a uniquely clear vision of how the problem can and must be tackled.”

He launched the company in 2019 along with Tim Holmes-Mitra MBE, and Alasdair Macdonald to tackle digital advertising’s biggest challenge: ensuring brands can reach their customers without breaching their privacy or the law. 

Basically, Glimpse Protocol uses a unique combination of edge processing and novel cryptography to ensure consumers can never be traced or de-anonymised.

By guaranteeing privacy and cutting out 3rd party data sources, the UK company offers +30% ROI to brands and can extend reach to previously closed-off audiences.

Simon Franks, the investor, said: “Digital advertising needs to be re-shaped both for the good of the public and also for advertisers. Glimpse Protocol’s approach is exciting and timely and has the potential to disrupt an industry by allowing advertisers to reach the audiences they need but in an ethical way that respects consumer privacy and pays publishers a fair price. It’s a real breakthrough and I’m convinced that they will be both a commercial success but also a champion for the consumer. I am very proud to be a part of their journey.”

Eric Salama, investor and former CEO of Kantar, said: “I’m delighted to participate in Glimpse’s seed round. Consumer Privacy is becoming a more and more central issue by the day and Glimpse is one of the few platforms combining effective advertising tools with complete respect for consumer privacy. It allows the ad industry to serve brands and publishers in an ethical way.”

Glimpse Protocol has already developed an exciting partnership with Iconic Labs Plc giving access to premium platforms including JOE Media. Commenting on the collaboration, Iconic Labs COO Samuel Regan Asante commented, “We are excited by our partnership with Glimpse Protocol who are leading the way in cookie-less technologies in the Adtech industry. Iconic Labs is aiming to establish itself as a leader in both the tech and media fields and Glimpse Protocol’s technology presents the perfect balance of the two.”

Further, Glimpse Protocol is a Tech Nation Rising Star regional 2020 winner and a participant in the Founders Factory accelerator programme.