Let’s Talk London: Why this diversity & inclusion event matters


The Business Growth Programme, run by London & Partners, the city’s business growth and destination agency, has helped over a thousand high-potential businesses grow and realise their ambitions since it was created in 2017. While one of London & Partners’ core missions is to support the economic growth of the city, the programme also has a focus on supporting those from underrepresented backgrounds on their journey as a founder, helping ensure London’s startups and growing businesses represent the diversity of the city. 

Let’s Talk London: The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Agenda is a free event, hosted by the Business Growth Programme, as part of their commitment to supporting and increasing diversity in the London business community. But why should you attend?

1. Diversity is good for business

The evidence is clear: diverse businesses are successful businesses. Research by McKinsey found that businesses with gender diversity were 15% more likely to outperform competitors, while businesses with ethnic diversity were 35% more likely to top their competition. But diversity is not just about gender and ethnicity, it can include, for example, age, sexuality, identity, religion, and ability. 

Having a diverse workforce can make it easier to attract talent, and diverse companies tend to have better employee satisfaction and decision-making as a result. Running a diverse and inclusive business isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s good for your bottom line as well.

2. London & Partners have a great track record in helping businesses, and London

Of the thousand businesses that the Business Growth Programme has helped since its inception nearly one-third of the founders were female-led, and more than one-quarter of the founders were from underrepresented backgrounds. A sample of some of their most innovative members revealed they had created more than 250 jobs and raised more than £141 million in funding. 

This event is one in a series organised by the Business Growth Programme and offers a practical opportunity for businesses to find out more about diversity and inclusion, and how London & Partners can support businesses to grow in London and beyond?

3. This is one of a series of opportunities

London & Partners have been helping London businesses for nearly a decade and have an ongoing programme of events, many organised through the Business Growth Programme, to help businesses. This year they have included an LGBTQIA+ virtual trade mission and a planned Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage mission to North America next month. 

Let’s Talk London is a great event to attend on its own but might well be the gateway to more chances for you to promote your business, meet others and get access to potential partners and customers through London & Partners. Whether that’s through old-fashioned networking or the Business Growth Programme’s recognised accelerator programme, attending this might prove to be one of the best decisions you make.


4. You can learn from others

The event has a range of speakers talking about diversity. Senior leaders at major corporates like FUJITSU, IBM and Lendlease will cover not just their internal diversity agenda, but how this is reflected in their procurement policies and partnerships. Other speakers will include those who want to engage with the start-up and scale-up community. 

Perhaps most importantly, speakers will come from companies that have made a commitment to diversity and acted on it. These will offer those starting on their journey an insight into the challenges they might face, how to overcome them and the benefits they can expect as a result.

5. It’s free and open to everyone

While there is no cost to attend the event, don’t confuse price with value. As a not-for-profit, London & Partners can offer an incredible programme that it is unlikely a commercial sector organisation could match. 

Perhaps most importantly, the event is open to anyone. Whether you are still to start your company, looking to hire your first talent, or already employ hundreds and are wondering how you can improve the diversity of your workforce, you are eligible to attend and benefit from the event. 

How to attend 

Let’s Talk London: The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Agenda is an online event, from 2-4 pm on Thursday, 27 May. Registration is free on Eventbrite and essential to get the joining instructions. You can also follow London & Partners’ Business Growth Programme Eventbrite account to be notified of the other events they organise to help London’s businesses succeed. 

And if you want to find out more about the Business Growth Programme, including how to apply for their three-month one-to-one support programme, visit their website at businessgrowth.london.