Lenus eyes to help UK gyms scaleup, picks up £43M in the biggest ever Series A in Denmark


Following the relaxation in the UK, gyms have reopened. At this time, it is vital for those working in the fitness industry to scale their business. This is where Copenhagen-based Lenus, a fast-growing online B2B2C coaching platform, lets health and fitness professionals achieve scale while catering to their client’s personal needs. Today, the company picked up €50 million (nearly £43 million) in the biggest ever Series A funding round secured in Denmark.

Helps UK gyms scaleup

The investment pumped by EQT Ventures will be used by Lenus for its product development and international expansion into the US later in 2021. The company plans for cross-market recruitment by hiring over 1,600 employees within 24 months. Also, the funding will cover the development and launch of a non-profit certified online school, aimed at educating private fitness coaches and dieticians to become excellent online coaches.

Already operating in the UK with an office in Bishopsgate, London, Lenus lets every gym operator in the UK grow without investing a lot in the process. Besides the UK, the company also operates in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.

Bertram Thorslund, founder and CEO of Lenus, said: “We are extremely humbled and honoured to achieve the biggest Series A funding ever secured in Denmark. Exercise and nutrition are vital for maintaining mental and physical health, and in general public health isn’t in good shape. We are on a mission to revert the declining global health trend, and help people live a healthier life. The €50 million instantly gives us the power and speed to further refine our product, strengthen our hyper-local presence in existing markets, onboard great and talented people to our team, and accelerate international expansion.”

Lars Jörnow, Partner at EQT Ventures, added: “At EQT Ventures, we were drawn to Lenus’ remarkable vision of making the world a healthier place, bolstered by strong business acumen and amazing growth. People-powered health is vital and, as the pandemic has shown, remote doesn’t mean alone — so Lenus’ community approach is invaluable. I’m proud and excited that EQT Ventures is leading the largest ever Series A in Denmark through this investment into Lenus, and look forward to this exciting new phase of the business as the team continues to push and grow.”

Shapes up future of health and fitness

Founded in October 2016 by Bertram Thorslund, CEO, Lenus enables health and fitness professionals to reduce the time spent on non-value-adding activities and administrative tasks. Currently, Lenus has 220 full-time employees and its co-founders include Sebastian Colsted, Theodor Lindekaer, Christian Høeg, and Kristoffer Dorph.

Lenus intends to make the world a healthier place. Amidst the pandemic crisis, the company witnessed rapid growth since its debut reaching an organic growth rate of over +200% YoY. The company builds and customises the technical setup for health and fitness professionals and their clients, thereby letting them reach their goals together.

The company is adapted to health and fitness professionals, their brand, and coaching philosophy. It democratises both the possibility to become excellent online health and fitness professionals and lets people to get access to excellent online health and fitness professionals.