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MedTech startups, this is how you can forge good industry partnerships

MedTech startups

Dr Tim Fishlock, head of Technology Transfer at Health Enterprise East, on how MedTech startups can forge successful industry partnerships.

In the field of medical technology (MedTech) the process of translating your idea into a product or service is typically comprised of four distinct phases: research, translational development, clinical evaluation and regulatory approval, and adoption.

To successfully progress from one phase to the next you will need to call on a variety of different skill-sets, many of which will need to be sourced from third parties.  

Finding and working with the right partners in this way is crucial for any aspiring entrepreneur, and the success or otherwise of your venture can hang on who you choose to work with along the way. Each of these relationships will have a different dynamic, different touchpoints through the process and will require you to tailor your approach.  ...