Cervest secures £3.7m in funding

Cervest has closed a £3.7m investment round to fund the launch of a real-time, climate forecasting platform with the power to help decision makers manage risk, inform policy and one that could help solve Earth’s most pressing environmental problems.

Led by deep-tech investor Future Positive Capital, with co-investor Astanor Ventures, the pre-Series A funding round was oversubscribed on its initial £2.5m target and brings the company’s total to more than £4.5m.

Built on three years of research and development by a team of world-leading scientists, mathematicians, developers and engineers, Cervest’s Earth Science AI platform is capable of analysing billions of data points to forecast how changes in the climate will impact the future of entire countries right down to individual landscapes, anywhere in the world.

It does this by combining research and modelling techniques taken from proven Earth sciences – including atmospheric science, meteorology, hydrology and agronomy – with artificial intelligence, imaging, machine learning and Bayesian statistics.

Using vast collections of satellite imagery and probability theory, the platform can accurately identify signals, or early-warning signs, of extreme events such as floods, fires, and strong winds. It can spot changes in soil health, and identify water risk.

Leading the investment, Sofia Hmich, Founder, Future Positive Capital said: “Our mission is to back companies that use deep tech – and the sharpest and most ambitious minds – to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

“Businesses and policy makers hold the key to change and with access to Cervest’s proprietary AI technology they can start to make that change a reality at low cost – before it’s too late.”

Iggy Bassi, Founder & CEO, Cervest added: “We are delighted Future Positive Capital and Astanor Ventures have joined our journey.  Our goal is to empower everyone to make informed decisions that improve the long-term resilience of our planet.

“Our world-class team has designed an Earth Science AI platform to quantify both short- and long-range risks to ensure mission-critical decisions are informed in real time. The potential is huge to radically alter the ability to quantify and personalise interconnected risks for users across any space and time at low cost and at mass scale.”