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EV maker Munro hit by US lawsuit from Bollinger Motors

Munro Vehicles
Image credit: Munro Vehicles

Scottish electric 4×4 maker Munro Vehicles has been hit with a lawsuit from the US electric vehicle company Bollinger Motors, alleging a breach of contract and patient infringement.

Based in Michigan, US, Bollinger Motors filed a lawsuit against Munro Vehicles and head designer Ross Compton, alleging similarities in the design of Munro’s MK_1 4×4 and Bollinger’s B1 SUV and B2 truck.

Compton, who now works as Munro’s head designer, formerly worked on the exterior and interior of the Bollinger Motors B1 prototype.

Bollinger Motors B1
Bollinger Motors B1

In a statement, Munro Vehicles CEO Russell Peterson said: “Munro is aware of the allegations raised by Bollinger Motors inc. The company takes IP infringement extremely seriously and Munro intends to robustly defend its position over the unique design of the Munro MK_1 all-terrain vehicle.”

Bollinger Motors is developing two versions of its electric truck platform, one with and one without a driver’s cab.

The US automotive firm in the past has shown off designs for its B1 SUV and B2 pickup. Development of them, however, is on hold until the trucks are delivered to customers.

UKTN has reached out to Bollinger Motors for comment.

Munro MK_1
Munro MK_1

Glasgow-based Murno launched its MK_1 in December, with production expected to start this year. To begin with, it will build 50 MK_1s by hand, before construction moves to its central Scotland factory in 2024.

Last April, the startup secured a £750,000 pre-seed investment from Elbow Beach Capital towards developing the MK_1 and growing its team.