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Money talks in business. For women’s health, not everyone is listening 

Women's health tech

Economics 101 will tell you to study the gap between supply and demand. Where supply is low and demand is high, there is a clear market opportunity. Globally, there are approximately four billion women in the world and yet historically, women’s health has been underserved, underfunded and underrepresented.

It is strikingly clear that not enough is known about conditions that only affect women (e.g menopause), conditions that differently affect women (e.g. cardiovascular disease and dementia) and disproportionately affect women (e.g. auto-immune diseases).

The anatomy of the clitoris wasn’t even discovered until 1998. Today, many investors are just as oblivious to the business opportunity of catering to half the world’s population.

Money talks

In August, 2022, the UK government released its Women’s Health Strategy for England outlining its response to the ‘male as default’ approach to healthcare in research and clinical trials, education and training for healthcare professionals and the design of healthcare policies and services. These calls to action can be heard globally from governments to the likes of the World Health Organisation which is great – but my experience suggests that there isn’t a more impactful catalyst to the progress of a market than cash....