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Startups, here’s how to make yourself attractive to investors

Startup investors attractive
Image credit: eamesBot / Shutterstock

What can startup founders do to make their companies as attractive as possible to investors in those crucial but sometimes daunting funding rounds?

First and foremost, fundraising is a critical process that requires timely action. The optimal period to commence fundraising activities is when a company has a cash runway of eight to 12 months.

This period provides founders ample time to engage with potential investors, refine their pitch based on investor feedback, and reach a state of ‘deal-readiness.’

Despite the importance of being deal-ready, only 32% of founders are perceived as being at this stage when they make their first outreach to investors, according to our ‘Venture Fundraising Landscape 2023’ report, which gathered insights from interviews with 40 UK-based early-stage investors,...