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Embedded fintech has a long way to go to fulfil its potential

embedded fintech

Embedded fintech, in which financial institutions integrate fintech services into their platforms, is the financial technology area that should see the most growth in coming years. But to many, it still remains a black box – even though Barclays Rise anticipates that the payments segment revenue of the sector alone is set to grow from $16bn last year to  $141bn by 2025.

To maximise this huge opportunity startups and investors need to focus firmly on the real value of embedded fintech: which is about creating lasting customer relationships, rather than enabling transactions.

London is the acknowledged capital of fintech in Europe, but it must evolve and embrace embedded fintech if it is to live up to its full potential.

To get to the real point of the sector, it’s time we replaced the buzzwords of BaaS (banking as a service) and BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later)....