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Five things all tech startups should know about ransomware


Neil Bellamy, head of TMT at NatWest, discusses everything tech entrepreneurs need to know about ransomware.

Although technology businesses may think they are well protected against ransomware attacks, they are often targeted and can suffer significant losses.

Ransomware is now one of the key cyber threats facing organisations and can have a major impact on their bottom line, from financial losses, disruption, and reputational damage.

Attacks where dozens or even hundreds of computers are infected can leave businesses with enormous cumulative ransom demands.

Tech startups need to ensure they are protected and understand the risks and realties.

1. What it is

As its name suggests, ransomware involves withholding an asset until a ransom has been paid. When that asset is digital, however, the method is more complicated and involves encrypting a company’s data until funds have been received. It involves six steps:...