HYGH pre Security Token offering opens today

HYGH is launching its pre Security Token offering today in advance of its full Security Token offer in February and its product launch in April.

The adtech business said it chose the Security Token route as it is the new form of shares, with 9% of each transaction passing through the conformity shared with token holders.

It said: “Customers have no way of trustlessly verifying when, where and how long their ads were played. By recording every event that occurs in our ecosystem to a distributed blockchain, HYGH generates trust, transparency and datasets advertisers can build upon.

“We think that the times where your product had to be all blockchain are over. We offer Security Token because it’s the new form of shares and we incorporate blockchain as a useful addition to our otherwise working company.”

HYGH is a peer-to-peer system that aims to build a clear and transparent network for real-time advertising. The platform, known as HAP, will unite advertisers with partners of public displays and allows users listed on the platform to become advertisers, despite their company size or their advertising capacity, via a simple to use app.

It is a digital signage content management system that joins owners of public displays with brands.

The company already has a working platform at 70,000 screens and it plans to have 150,000 by 2020.