Even with stricter regulations in years past, sports betting sites have managed to evolve. From mobile sports betting to live betting and streaming to more secured and versatile payment options, sportsbooks like Intertops have visibly improved user experience.

As sportsbooks grow, so does the industry and the sports world around it. Sports media outlets, players, and fans alike now get a piece of influence from sports betting even on non-betting related content.

But this is just a tip as more changes both around sportsbooks and sports could happen thanks to sports betting bans being lifted. Expect some predictable and potentially eccentric betting technology at a device near you.

New technology trends for sports betting in the future

With this prognostication of sports betting trends, we’ll go from most likely to least likely although all of them are a possibility.

eSports betting

It’s not crazy to think that eSports may become the most popular type of sport globally in just a few years. The massive figures they’ve started to generate, including $15 billion this year alone, are a testament to that.

The pandemic merely expedited the process as the lockdown to other sports leagues helped eSports a lot. There is also the demographic and the timing of sports betting legalization.

Consumers around the betting age are growing up exposed to competitive gaming and Twitch streaming. Instead of watching the NBA or soccer on TV, they’re watching Overwatch league or DoTA 2. The latter packs entire arenas within seconds, by the way.

eSports betting is already a thing and it will only keep getting bigger.

Micro Betting

First it was straight-up betting, then in-play betting, and the next evolution to this is micro betting. This is when players get to bet on even the smallest things during a game.

Will Manchester City score during this possession? Will Steph Curry hit his next three-point attempt? Will Novak Djokovic commit an unforced error this next game?

Advancements to sports betting technology particularly in machine learning coupled by looser betting laws will allow this to be a possibility.

It can be expected that live-game wagering will be a thing in most sports arenas and micro betting will be to these sportsbooks what soda is to concession stands.

24/7 sports updates

Sportsbooks and fantasy sports providers like DraftKings and Yahoo are already adept at notifying their players for the latest sports updates. But this is going to go a step further with the likes of player tracking.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban mentioned that the legalization of sports betting will be driven by sports betting innovations such as being able to grab live data from players all the time.

Fitness trackers and watches already let us keep track of our daily health and something similar can be implemented for athletes. A nagging injury, their overall physical condition, or even their mental health will be made available for the betting public.

Live streaming games exclusive to sportsbooks

Live betting or in-play betting coupled with mobile apps has contributed significantly to the rise of sports betting popularity. If sports betting laws become more open as well as sports organization’s, this could free the ever-growing online betting brands to pursue deals of their own.

Several sportsbooks like Bet365 already feature cutting edge live streaming technology. Go a step further and books like Bet365 could strike deals with sports leagues to broadcast games exclusive to their platform.

Sports leagues like the Premier League and NFL have already struck deals with betting sponsors. This could be the next step.

More betting-centric platforms outside online sportsbooks

One alluring thing about sports betting isn’t just the prospect of beating the books and winning cash, but the camaraderie it brings.

Viral videos of roommates celebrating or crying together go through social media while sports betting as a topic is even more enthusiastic than just sports.

It’s not crazy to believe other platforms will feature its own version of a sportsbook with a whole system similar to a sportsbook. They can use their own currency or points system and have users create their own betting markets.

Sports betting is still a niche, but as it becomes more mainstream, expect non-sports outlets to start picking up that the rush of winning bets is something that goes beyond sports fans.