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Podcast: Why AI regulation isn’t the enemy of innovation – Lord Tim Clement-Jones

Lord Tim Clement-Jones UKTN Podcast

In this week’s episode of the UKTN Podcast, Lord Tim Clement-Jones, a Liberal Democrat peer, explains why a lack of consistency from the government hasn’t helped startups, weighs in on the debate around using copyrighted material to train AI systems, and unpacks why regulation isn’t the enemy of innovation.

Lord Clement-Jones, who co-founded and has co-chaired the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence since 2016, shares his view on deepfakes, which he describes as one of the “most intractable issues” in an election year.

Elsewhere in this episode, the Liberal Democrat House of Lords spokesperson for science, innovation and technology gives his assessment of the Conservative government’s role in supporting the UK tech sector.

“A lot of it is about stability, consistency, long-term thinking, all of which of course we haven’t had over the last few years with chopping and changing of R&D tax credits for instance,” he says.

And while some worry that regulation is prone to stifle innovation, Lord Clement-Jones takes a different view.

“We all want to see innovation, but then I don’t believe regulation is necessarily the enemy of innovation,” he says. “I think it can create certainty, consistency and then you try and get convergence on standards internationally to make sure that your developers and adopters know what the rules of the road are even if they operate in different jurisdictions.”

Lord Clement-Jones was chair of the Liberal Party from 1986-1988. He was made CBE for political services in 1988 and a life peer in 1998. In addition to his political work, Lord Clement-Jones is a consultant on AI policy and regulation with the global law firm DLA Piper.

Listen to the full episode here, along with all previous episodes of the UKTN Podcast.

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