CLOU ESS Makes an Entrance at RE+, Enhancing Sector Revenue Through Comprehensive Lifecycle Services

[Las Vegas, USA] – Orchestrated by the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the inaugural ceremony of the U.S. Solar Power International (Also known as RE+) exhibitions was conducted in Las Vegas on September 12. CLOU Electronics, a branch of Midea Industrial Tech and a unit of the Midea Group, dazzled the sector by displaying an extensive array of unified energy storage system products and holistic solutions for the complete lifecycle, grabbing industry attention. Fueled by the global ‘carbon neutrality wave,’ the renewable energy market has seen exponential growth. As per statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the total installed capacity of large-scale battery energy storage systems in the U.S. escalated from 149.6MW in 2012 to 8.8GW in 2022, marking a substantial leap in both magnitude and growth pace. The energy storage systems rolled out in 2022 nearly doubled the numbers from the preceding year.

Against this backdrop, guided by future market assessments, CLOU initiated and incorporated a local enterprise in Delaware, USA. At the RE+ exhibition grounds, Fu Yongjun, Vice President of Midea Group, President of Midea Industrial Tech and Chairman of CLOU, along with Zhou Han, President of CLOU, collectively launched the U.S. division of CLOU ESS (Energy Storage Systems). As one of the limited energy storage firms entering the U.S. market, the inception of CLOU signifies a crucial landmark in Midea Group’s global energy storage business blueprint.

All-encompassing technological Advancements, Specialized System Integration

The amalgamation of new energy systems and energy storage is imperative. Serving as a crucial pillar for the power grid in supply, configuration, regulation, and usage, the unification of energy storage systems plays a critical role in grid stability. According to Guo Hong, Chief Strategy Specialist of CLOU Electronics, ‘The unification of energy storage systems isn’t mere patchwork but a complex framework that encompasses HVAC, the power sector, and electromechanical automation industries. The uniformity of energy storage systems, thermal regulation, site compatibility, and ongoing interconnection with power plants present significant challenges to system integrators.’ Therefore, what is scrutinized is not just the tangible quality of products but also the amassed experience in power systems and the capability to offer comprehensive lifecycle services and solutions for all scenarios.

CLOU initially embarked on its journey with smart meters in 1996. It strategically ventured into the energy storage sector in 2009. With design as its cornerstone in system integration, it unveiled China’s inaugural MW-scale modular energy storage power station. It operates a national-level lab committed to engineering large-scale renewable energy storage and grid connectivity. From that point, it has been delivering one-stop energy storage system solutions to power generation clients as well as those in industrial and commercial power consumption. By sustaining uniformity and leveraging the potent computational capacity of the battery management system, it fine-tuned the power output curve for power generation, offering storage and output administration on the power generation end while also ensuring a stable operational environment for the grid.

In the realm of product technology reserves, CLOU offers an exhaustive range of in-house control units, including PCS, DC/DC, BMS, EMS, and O&MS, along with project application proficiencies that cover all energy storage application scenarios. Through multi-faceted technological breakthroughs, the firm has amalgamated equipment, platforms, and services into a unified ecosystem, catering to both clients and the energy storage industry with integrated solutions for the entire ecosystem and full lifecycle management services. At the 2023 SPI exhibitions, CLOU showcased its newly launched Aqua series of products, which were introduced in April 2023, including Aqua-C, an energy storage system for standard 20-foot containers with a capacity of 4.18MWh, Aqua-E, a capacity augmentation cabinet with a capacity of 420KWh, and Aqua-E Pro, an industrial and commercial storage all-in-one unit with a capacity of 200KW/420KWh. With a product lifecycle exceeding 10,000 cycles and a temperature control precision within 5 degrees at the system level, the Aqua series stands at the forefront of the industry.

Currently, energy storage companies are proactively penetrating the industrial and commercial markets. Beyond brand and distribution channels, it is vital to guarantee safety, stability, and reliability. Comprehensive technological upgrades and specialized system integration are essential to manage more intricate scenarios and varied spaces. Having been engaged in the energy storage industry, CLOU is committed to crafting energy storage product solutions with unparalleled safety, stability, performance, and smart management for users, continually propelling product technology R&D as well as quality enhancement. For instance, Aqua-C, the flagship offering of the Aqua series of liquid-cooled units, supports dual-box parallel operation, conserving over 50% of floor area; Aqua-E can be coupled with Aqua-C for capacity expansion applications, while Aqua-E Pro can function as a standalone system for industrial and commercial energy storage applications. The entire Aqua product line from CLOU is equipped with DCDC, which supports cluster-level management with an uptime rate of 99.5%. Simultaneously, an active balancing system is implemented across the entire system, reducing debugging and maintenance time by more than 40%.

In the context of an ever-competitive energy storage market, CLOU remains undeterred in its quest for innovation while steadfastly adhering to a quality-first ethos. It will concentrate on ‘all-scenario applications,’ ‘complete lifecycle services,’ and ‘full product matrix integration,’ aiming to better comprehend customer requirements to assist clients in achieving superior operational profits through optimized energy storage system designs.

Comprehensive Service Across All Scenarios, Zeroing in on Value Enhancement

From the initial investment to the operational phase of an energy storage facility, the lifespan of lithium batteries typically varies between 2,000 and 8,000 charging cycles, translating to a system life of roughly 5 to 15 years. Amidst this fluctuating landscape, CLOU’s deep-rooted expertise in the power grid, established technology framework, and all-encompassing service capabilities are pivotal in guaranteeing the operational reliability of energy storage power plants and the ongoing augmentation of operational profits.

Case Studies: A Testament to Energy Storage Excellence

Take, for instance, CLOU’s Haifeng AGC energy storage frequency modulation initiative, which has a capacity of 30MW/15MWh. In 2020, this initiative was chosen by the National Energy Administration as one of the inaugural eight pilot projects for scientific and technological innovation in the realm of energy storage. As of now, it has reached an equivalent cycle exceeding 9,000 times.

On the U.S. front, CLOU has marked its presence with significant undertakings, such as Indiana’s premier large-scale lithium-ion energy storage project with a 24MW/63MWh capacity, Texas’ most expansive energy storage facility in the North American market at 99MWh, and South America’s largest grid-connected energy storage project with an impressive 485MWh capacity. According to data from Orennia, a global consultancy, the top six U.S. independent energy storage projects with the highest operational profits in 2021 were all helmed by CLOU.

Strategic Synergy: The Midea Group and CLOU Collaboration

In 2023, the Midea Group formally integrated CLOU into its Industrial Technology business division. With the support of a global Fortune 500 entity, CLOU not only secured substantial capital infusion but also tapped into Midea’s technological prowess, customer network, extensive global outreach, and a tri-level research and development structure. This partnership empowers CLOU to concentrate on specific project scenarios while proactively pioneering next-gen technologies in the field of energy storage.

Holistic Approach to Energy Storage Solutions

Identified as a “Premier Provider of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) with an In-Depth Understanding of Electrical Systems,” CLOU’s energy storage operations cover key application areas and markets. The firm provides swift, end-to-end services, from preliminary project evaluation to on-site implementation and after-sales support, thereby creating a value proposition where 1 + 1 + 1 > 3. With a wealth of technological know-how in power systems and a broad spectrum of practical experience in energy storage initiatives, CLOU is geared towards maximizing operational profits. The firm is steadfast in its commitment to advancing the carbon neutrality era by offering its clientele a variety of power trading alternatives through diverse technologies and solutions tailored to specific scenarios.