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UK event booking platform Feast It bags £1.7M funding, witnesses growth in virtual events

Feast It
Image credits: Feast It

Feast It, UK’s one of the leading event booking marketplace connects consumers to high-quality suppliers to meet the needs of the event. The company has worked with high profile events including Secret Cinema, Pride in London, and The BHF London to Brighton Ride and has now bagged £1.7M funding to take advantage of predicted events boom.

Explosive growth of virtual events!

The investment that has been pumped intoFeast It comes from MAHR Projects, former CEO of the Co-op Richard Pennycook CBE and Tim Score, the ex-CFO of Arm Holdings. This investment comes at a time when Feast It has witnessed explosive growth in virtual events by the end of 2020. Previously, the company raised £2M funding in November from Ascension Ventures and Guy Berryman of Coldplay. Popular virtual events organised by Feast It include cooking lessons, cocktail classes, escape room challenges and much more. It has been announced that the company will use the funds to grow out its virtual event product.

Co-Founder Digby Vollrath said: “There was a big shift in people’s attitudes towards virtual events in the latter half of 2020, as people realised that interactive activities such as cooking classes, escape rooms or cocktail making lessons can be engaging and great fun. As we go into another lockdown and the continuation of remote working, virtual events are here to stay and we’re going to make sure the very best experiences are available on Feast It.”

Co-founder Hugo Campbell said: ‘Right from the start of the COVID crisis, we were aware that there would be severe and wide-ranging damage to the events industry. However this is a £90bn portion of the UK’s economy and it’s always been clear that it’s just too big to fail. We’ve made sure that we’ve grown Feast It out to help customers and suppliers on the other side of this because let’s be honest, people are going to want to let loose on the other side of this and we’ve made booking suppliers for your event as easy as booking a holiday!”

Feast It investor Richard Pennycook CBE said: “The events industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, but that means that there will be giant opportunities for growth on the other side. This market is one that will come back strong as soon as it’s able to, and Feast It will be the lifeblood that supports that.”

Feast It investor MAHR Projects said: “Feast It were seeing incredible growth prior to the pandemic and we have full confidence in the team to pilot their way through the current situation. The events sector is moving swiftly towards a digital revolution and Feast It is central to that.”

Industry-leading product for in-person events

In 2017, Feast It was founded by Digby Vollrath and Hugo Campbell. It is known as a platform through which customers can book caterers and mobile bars for events. The company has now expanded into virtual events. In just one month of its launch, product companies such as Google, Amazon, Deliveroo and Deloitte had booked through the platform.

The company has built out its industry-leading product for in-person events such as weddings, large birthday parties and corporate events, and has added new types of hand-picked event suppliers, including photographers, videographers, marquees, staffing companies and florists.