Tackling Londoners’ loneliness amid COVID pandemic: Citysocializer launches new virtual events platform

Based out of London, Citysocializer is a subscription-based social network, enabling users to find like-minded members and spend time in their preferred activities. 

From real to the virtual world

During the pre-COVID era, Citysocializer was centred around real-world events and activities that were hosted locally in cities across the UK and the US. But like many other small businesses, impacted by the fallout from the pandemic, the company had to change the strategy to survive. 

In the latest development, Girl Works Co Ltd (parent company) relaunched their Citysocializer platform as a “Get Your Guide for virtual events” to scale its successful transition to online events to a global audience. 

Due to high popularity in virtual events, the company quickly expanded their range to include virtual fitness classes and learning workshops. 

Witnessed a 300% increase in per-person booking

According to Citysocializer, users come from the UK, Europe, and some parts of the US and Canada. The UK company has seen a 300% increase in per-person event booking. Sanchita Saha, CEO, aims to scale this globally to one million event bookings per month.

Anyone from anywhere can host an event

Citysocializer says, from this week, anyone from anywhere can host their virtual events, classes, and workshops to keep people physically, mentally, and socially active and connected through a lockdown and beyond.

From bar workers hosting cocktail classes, chefs hosting cooking classes to gym workers hosting virtual fitness classes and singers, musicians, and entertainers hosting live virtual gigs – the platform is open to anyone anywhere with a skill or passion to share who needs to find a new income stream, claims the company.

Earn 100% net revenue

Most events and experiences are priced £4 – £15 per household, or discounted with Citysocializer membership that starts from £9.99/month. 

Notably, the commercial event hosts earn 100% of the net revenue from their event bookings and can host multiple events for international users across multiple time zones according to their schedule and demand.

Founder and CEO Sanchita Saha said: “Because the world is set to be in various stages of lockdown over the next six months or more, now more than ever people need and want to feel connected, be entertained, creatively inspired, stay fit and on top of their mental health – and the easiest and safest way to do that is virtual. Having previously worked with hospitality, entertainment, and leisure venues it’s been devastating to see so many of them having to close and the huge job losses that have occurred. Enabling workers from these industries to monetise their skills and talents by hosting their own virtual events for a captive audience who are stuck at home is a win-win situation.”