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Mobile authentication platform tru.ID raises £3M investment to help developers replace passwords

tru.ID founder Paul McGuire
Image credits: tru.ID

The lockdowns definitely pushed users worldwide to spend more time on their screens. However, even before the pandemic, and maybe even while it is still going on, we all are quite likely to spend a notable chunk of our time on our phones. The whole mobile experience is completed by apps, which offer quick and easy access to resources, but the method used to log into such apps has fundamentally been the same for quite some time. 

The legacy options to log in such as login and password or OTP authentication are more of a hindrance currently. Additionally, they are also weak points that attackers could potentially exploit. The mobile authentication platform startup tru.ID addresses these issues and helps developers replace passwords with a more secure solution. It has now secured a £3 million investment. 

In a conversation with UKTN, tru.ID CEO and founder Paul McGuire delves deeper into what the startup is all about, what its future plans entail and more. ...