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UK’s first online clinic for women Naytal bags £300K funding, launches after beta period

Image credits: Naytal

UK’s first online clinic Naytal offers women instant access to perinatal psychologists, who are focused on supporting women through their pregnancy and postnatal journey. Recently, Naytal has bagged €356K (nearly £300K) in a pre-seed funding, which was led by Fuel Ventures.

Launches after beta period

Naytal has launched in the UK after a successful beta period. The company enjoyed a successful beta period with 98 percent of its users giving it a 4.5 or five out of five in terms of user experience. Also, 97 percent users stated that the health expert was able to address their specific health concerns and 93 percent agreed that it helped them either resolve or start to manage the issue with more confidence. On the whole, 100 percent of Naytal’s beta users would recommend the company to a friend.

Naytal Co-founder Leila Thabet stated: “Women’s ante and postnatal healthcare needs and expectations have evolved, but the healthcare system that provides them is lagging behind. We’re more aware than ever before about the importance of taking care of our health, yet knowing where to turn to get timely advice and support from someone who knows what they’re talking about is a challenge at best, and near impossible at worst!”

She continued: “Lara and I were shocked by the level of support and specialist care we were able to access on our own health journeys through fertility, pregnancy and postnatally. And although our issues were different, what united our experiences was feeling confused, overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. With Naytal – we’re changing that.”

Women-centric healthcare platform

Naytal was founded by female entrepreneurs Leila Thabet and Lara Russell-Jones and operates with theba mission to reinvent women’s healthcare for the digital age. The London-based startup offers women access to a selection of dedicated pregnancy and postnatal services including midwife consultations, breastfeeding support, mental health support and pelvic floor health & physiotherapy.

The health experts available at Naytal support women’s needs during one-to-one sessions. It provides advice about a specific issue or ongoing assistance at affordable and pay-as-you-go price points.