StashMetrics raises £300k investment

StashMetrics, a social analytics tool that helps brands to create better, more relevant content by using data from their target audience, has just completed a £300,000 round of investment.

The funding round was lead by Finance Yorkshire with input from a group of private individuals and Creative England.

The investment will help the company build out the development team and part fund a research & development partnership with the Text Analysis Group Lab at Sussex University.

StashMetrics is a SaaS tool that uses social media data to help brands understand the content, sites and stories that their target audience actually like. The customer (brands / agencies) defines the target audience and the system finds people that match the search criteria and uses their social media posts to build a picture of what they find interesting, where they go to find it and who the influencers are that lead them there.

Most social media analytics tools use keywords to help brands isolate conversations about particular things. StashMetrics helps brands to identify who their target audience is and then analyses everything they talk about. This helps brands to build a picture of the people they’re trying to reach, what content they should be producing and how they should be promoting it.

Sam Oakley, co-founder of StashMetrics, said: “For the consumer, the reality of most content marketing, digital advertising, and PR campaigns is that they get bombarded with a lot of crap content. You only have to look at the rise of ad-blockers to see that the current settlement isn’t working for consumers.

“If the industry is going to address this, brands and agencies need to stop focusing on what they have to say and start looking at what their audiences want to talk about. If we can play a part in that then we’ll have done our job.

“Most marketers, whether they’re working across paid, owned or earned media essentially do three things day-in-day-out. They make content, they pay to place it and they persuade people to talk / write about it. We use the social media data from the target audiences of our customers to help them understand what makes their audiences unique in each of these three areas and doing so we help them create genuinely relevant content, to get it in the right places and to build relationships with the right influencers.”

StashMetrics was founded in Jan 2014 and took part in the Collider accelerator program of that year. Since graduating it has grown to a team of 8 split between its York and London bases. Early customers include Unilever, Sony, Camelot and Havas.