InvestingZone launches to help investors buy shares in unlisted companies

Crowdfunding word cloud

InvestingZone, a new crowdfunding platform which allows investors to buy shares in unlisted UK companies, has launched

InvestingZone enables early-stage UK SMEs and business entrepreneurs to raise online investment through crowdfunding, a collective investment scheme, and allows business-savvy private investors to buy shares in unlisted companies.

The platform was founded by Jean Miller and Richard Brockbank, directors of E-Synergy, an early-stage VC with more than 10 years’ experience and more than £100m in finance raised. InvestingZone is also backed by City player Jon Moulton, chairman of Better Capital.

Broad sectors

A number of startups have already listed their details on InvestingZone and company sectors range from clean tech to SaaS companies, media and ecommerce. Investors will be able to tap into tax incentives such as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

“The market is ripe for crowdfunding.  A real opportunity for a new method of raising money at a sensible cost has appeared,” says Moulton. “Poor returns on savings, coupled with great tax incentives, can make unlisted equities an attractive proposition. Good UK prospects are going unfunded. InvestingZone can bridge this gap to connect investors with opportunities.”

Prequalified companies

InvestingZone is an appointed representative of E-Synergy Ltd, authorised and regulated by the FCA. This means that all companies are prequalified before publication for investment, and approved by E-Synergy as “fair, clear, and not misleading”.

“InvestingZone is driving an evolution in the financial services sector, accelerating the pace of growth in early-stage companies with this new source of funding,” adds Jean Miller, CEO and co-founder of InvestingZone.

“This puts investors firmly in the driving seat, enabling thousands of business-savvy people to buy shares in unlisted companies online. The ’crowd’ can do every bit as well as the so-called professional investors, release vast amounts of stagnant cash for the benefit of national growth and, as important as all this, have some fun doing it.”