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18% of UK tech companies have international founders, report finds

Tech Nation Visa report
Image credit: Tech Nation

Tech Nation has released its latest annual report on its Global Talent Visa, which allows international tech talent to work in the UK.

The report found that one or more non-UK nationals were part of the founding team of 18% of British tech startups. Companies founded by non-UK nationals accounted for £8bn (approximately 23%) of UK tech venture capital investment in 2021.

Isaac Oladipupo, co-founder and CEO, Afrilearn said: “I love working in UK tech because of the rare privilege it has afforded me to work with global tech companies and rub minds with some of the best brains in the world. It has also enabled me to scale the reach of our startup Afrilearn across Europe and beyond.”

More visas have been granted by Tech Nation already this year (659) than the total of 2021 (619)....