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Academy of Robotics founder: ‘If you mess up in this world, no one will rescue you’ – Fi5

Academy of Robotics founder
Academy of Robotics founder William Sachiti

William Sachiti is the founder and CEO of the Academy of Robotics, a technology institute developing AI solutions including a fully-autonomous delivery vehicle.

The Norfolk-based company’s other projects include a penguin-shaped robot assistant, which it has trialled in hospitals through a partnership with the NHS, and a computer vision system to detect and analyse faults on roads.

Kar-go, its flagship product, became the first street-legal autonomous delivery on UK roads during a trial in 2020, with its first deliveries transporting medicines from pharmacies to care homes. It has previously been trialled by the Royal Air Force at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

Founded in 2017, the Academy of Robotics has raised more than £3m in funding, with the British Business Bank among its notable investors. It has under 40 staff....