Meet Cargo stream: The logistic management innovator from Lithuania that aims to capture a big chunk of UK logistics market

Cargo Stream

The world is changing rapidly, and innovative solutions are required to keep up with the times. While globalisation fuelled the need to shift things from one end of the globe to another, modern transportation services make moving everything possible. Freight forwarding is an essential industry for how goods are transported around the world. 

Accessing various steps involved in freight forwarding and handling every step of the process can be a challenging ordeal. Helping businesses in this segment is the Europe’s first container booking app startup Cargo stream

The Birmingham-headquartered company offers its clients to handle the logistics chain’s entirety from one place. With its latest app released in the UK and Europe, Cargo stream also enables cargo forwarders and carriers to book shipping containers via a smart device or computer for land transportation.  

UK’s first container booking app 

The app was in development since May 2019, and it provides an advanced, tech-driven management system for the entire logistics chain of land transportation in real time.  

In a conversation with UKTN, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Sarunas Belickas says, “Transportation companies, freight forwarders and shippers that are already present in our system can access the application. It allows them to use the whole array of the functions we provide, including placing requests and offers for containers. They can also complete and amend bookings, communicate with other stakeholders, track the cargo, and do a lot more.”

Belickas also notes that none of the company’s competitors offer the facility of an app. “They didn’t figure out how to squeeze such a wide range of functions, simplify such a tough process in a user-friendly way as we did,” Belickas remarks. 

Onboard 600 automotive parts suppliers by 2022

Based out of Vilnius, Lithuania, Cargo stream was launched in 2019. The company’s platform allows shippers, cargo recipients, freight forwarders, and transportation companies to communicate seamlessly, save time and other resources. Its services also include an end-to-end solution for managing the whole logistics chain in one place.  

The startup doesn’t aim to be a digital freight forwarder but wants to help existing companies work more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.  

Belickas also cites a case study of where the company’s service played an important role. He notes, “Cargo stream connected big automotive parts producers/suppliers with retail and distribution in Baltic countries, surely with forwarders and carriers in between. To be precise, we solved issues that legacy software was unable to. Our goal for the next year is to onboard up to 600 automotive parts suppliers across Europe.” 

Aims to become a global player 

With the new app release, Cargo stream is enabling better ease of access to its services. The startup is currently focussed on Europe but aims to become a global player. Its services are currently available in the Baltics, Poland, France, Netherlands, and the UK.  

As for the competition, Cargo stream doesn’t see as many direct competitors as cargotech companies address different problems across the logistic chain’s process. There are companies that are inching closer to Cargo stream’s area of operation but with more capital, they can easily outpace them. 

“Our main competition is the marketplaces. In contrast, we make logistics more efficient without disrupting it. This happens to be our main competitive advantage as we can incorporate all traditional logistics companies into our platform,” notes Belickas 

Well-prepared to deal with Brexit

Currently, Cargo stream has over 1500 users in different regions, mostly based in western and central Europe. While the startup has just entered the UK market, it is already working on strategic partnerships with SMEs as its target group. While Brexit is impacting numerous corporations, Cargo stream doesn’t feel the impact as it originates from continental Europe. 

Belickas says, “We have entered the UK well-prepared to deal with regulation changes and have local representation here. Therefore, no significant amendments to our business strategy are required due to Brexit.”

While Brexit came into full force relatively recently, the pandemic is impacting businesses since early 2020. The pandemic notably affected the shipping industry, and so was Cargo stream. The company quickly evolved to offer a stable work process with real-time adjustment, even when working remotely and was swift to add new partners to the logistic chain. It also enabled its employees to quickly change roles and instantly set up the workflow for new employees. 

Aggressive UK expansion plans 

With an international team of 40 cargotech professionals from the United Kingdom, Lithuania, France, Poland and Holland, Cargo stream is further planning to expand its presence in the UK over the coming year. The company is on the lookout for additional management team members and for more roles. It is also on the lookout for C-level people based in the UK, preferably around Birmingham, London and nearby areas. 

As for what the future holds for the shipping industry, folks over at Cargo stream believe that digitisation is the future. Advances in automation for the sector is something that could happen soon. The future is also expected to be greener as logistics become more efficient, and fewer trucks hit the roads.