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3 digital PR KPIs every entrepreneur should know

Digital Marketing KPIs
Image credits: NicoElNino/Shutterstock

PR has changed, and traditional publicists broke out in a cold sweat when digital marketing KPIs were introduced to a larger audience. The times when one could put a Forbes interview as a major KPI are long past. Just like customers in Starbucks, companies are ticking the boxes: growth rate up, bounce rate down–yes, please. 

During a Content Breakfast webinar, Cameron Sharpe, the Head of Insight at Progressive Content, spoke about Phillips who were super heavy on KPIs with 30 of those listed in a contract. Entrepreneurs become well aware of KPIs from marketing, and so should you if you want your startup to be visible and get the most from the PR. 

Traditionally, PR professionals were mainly focused on building and managing brand’s image through press offices. Simply saying, an article in Tier 1 media was a final goal. However, digital PR professionals do outreach to gain not only a publication but also high-quality backlinks, social media mentions, and traffic. PR, content marketing, social media, and search are now more intertwined than ever, and all of them are here to finally measure the PR value in terms of reaching business goals. ...