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How do I create a call script?

Firstly, we strongly advise any business not to create a ‘script’!

If you create a script, you run the risk of you and your sales people sounding scripted and monotone.

Instead, try creating ‘core call guidelines’.

Your team should be able to articulate your key differentiators and selling points in their own style, rather than just reading from a ‘one size fits all’ script.

The guidelines should typically be 5-10 key bullet points covering; who you are, what you do, the reason for call, key messaging and calls to action.

A call should only ever take place after the necessary homework has been conducted on the client, see our article is cold calling dead? 

If you would prefer not to give the impression that you have a team of robots introducing your company, then I would suggest avoiding call scripts altogether.

If however you wish to engage with and add true value to prospective clients, then I would suggest using a guideline approach.

If you would like to discuss how to approach new customers, please feel free to get in contact with the Incrementa team for a free coaching session by emailing