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How can I convert more meetings into opportunities?

A common issue experienced by budding techpreneurs is that they have many meetings with prospective clients, get great feedback on their offering however the sale never actually materialises.

This is generally a symptom of other problems encountered throughout the tech sales process.

Often the most common problems can be failing to agree next actions.

Every communication activity with a prospect, whether it be a telephone call, email, proposal or meeting, should end with an agreed next action.

Examples of agreed actions may include:

  • 2nd meeting on XX date
  • Webinar with a pre sales consultant on XX date
  • Agree to send a case study
  • Agree to a reference site call on a set date
  • Send a proposal by XX date
  • Client to send a confirmation of scope by a set date

It is vital to set timescales for the vast majority of business development related activities.

Without a set date, the actions are merely a wish list and have no sense of urgency.