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Does money motivate sales people?

A common misconception of sales people is that they are all only motivated by money, and many business owners make the mistake of solely incentivising sales people with monetary incentives with a view to getting the most from their team.

Employing Technology Sales people that are completely money motivated can prove difficult, leading to employers experiencing:

  • Sales being made which are not the right fit for the client
  • Poor post sales account management
  • Poor administration and ‘housekeeping’
  • Increased risk and exposure on low revenue months (due to higher salary bills)
  • Lower Profit margins
  • Creating a team of ’Salary Mercenaries’, who are more likely to be coaxed to the competition for a marginally higher salary

Get to know your sales team, understand what makes them tick

Sales people are more likely to be motivated in the longer term by non monetary motivators, including:

  • Peer recognition
  • Competitive yet supportive culture
  • Becoming part of ‘the next big thing’
  • Enjoying work within a team of like-minded people

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