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Advice for founders after an early funding round

early funding round advice
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Congratulations are of course in order on your successful startup funding round – it’s taken skill, luck and a massive amount of determination to have finally banked that cheque.

As a former CEO of two software startups and an investor myself, I have some appreciation for the journey you’ve just been on and from both sides of the table. But it’s what you do next that really matters.

I know your deck and presentation skills have been honed to the sharpest of points. Your data room has grown rapidly during this process, and you have most if not all the right answers that investors wanted to hear.

But ‘answers’ may not in fact turn out to be reality and being honest, you know in your heart that all the stars are going to need to align for you to deliver both your hiring plan and the sales numbers included in v7.12 of your projected three-year P&L....