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Chip-shape? Assessing the UK’s long-awaited semiconductor strategy

semiconductor strategy

Following mounting pressure from the UK tech and manufacturing industries, the government finally released its long-awaited national semiconductor strategy in May, dedicating £1bn to safeguarding chip supply chains and driving growth in the sector.

The new strategy provides much-needed clarity at a time when the semiconductor industry is still recovering from major supply chain disruption during the pandemic. The ongoing global chip shortage provides a keen reminder of how important semiconductors are to our everyday lives, powering everything from smartphones to ATMs and household appliances.

Chips also have a vital role to play in driving growth, with the global semiconductor market forecasted to reach a total market size of $1tn by 2030. At a critical moment for the future of the UK’s economy and tech sovereignty, there is no doubt that leaders need to take swift action to deliver on the government’s plans and deploy funding....