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AI will change the movies, but tech and creatives need to co-exist

AI movies
Image credit: Mr.Music / Shutterstock

The launch of OpenAI’s Sora video generator undoubtedly gave a jolt to studios about the impact of AI on their businesses. While the reaction to James Cameron’s touch-up of True Lies last month has shown that a sense of fear and moral panic persists within the debate, there are signs that this is abating and adoption in the movie industry is accelerating.

When it comes to AI’s potential for the creative industries, such as movies, there is simply too much opportunity at stake. The sector cannot turn away from the incredible capabilities this technology offers and the value it will create for its members. For movie studios, rejecting AI would be like rejecting CGI.

The style of Sora’s introduction to the world indicated a rhetorical shift. It suggested that AI companies are starting to pivot away from spotlighting the power of the tools themselves, and towards showcasing their role as an aide to creators....