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Theia Insights raises £5m for AI-powered investment analysis

Theia Insights
Image credit: Theia Insights

Theia Insights, an AI fintech startup providing information for financial professionals, has raised $6.5m (£5.1m).

Founded in 2022 by former Amazon Alexa scientist Dr Ye Tian, Theia Insights is a platform for investors that uses AI to generate risk models, portfolio analytics and industry classification insights.

Named after the Greek goddess of sight, the Cambridge-based firm aims to distil market data to give wealth managers, ETF issuers, index providers, banks and other financial institutions a clearer vision for investment strategies.

Theia Insights said it will use the additional capital to fund European and US expansion.

“We live in the age of data overflow – everything from geopolitics to financial filings, to social media and news. It’s often overwhelming and easy to get lost in the noise,” said Theia founder and CEO Dr Ye Tian.

“But good investment decisions require clarity, and that is where AI can play an unrivalled role – by lifting us from the valley to the mountaintop, so we can choose the paths we want to take by seeing where every path leads and how they connect.”

The investment round was led by Unusual Ventures and featured participation from Fidelity International Strategic Ventures and Clocktower Ventures.

“We believe that data infrastructure in the asset management sector will continue to go through substantial change and advancement through the adoption of AI,” said Lars Albright, general partner at Unusual Ventures.

“The shortcomings around legacy industry classification systems and the lack of dynamic insights on risk factors driving investment decisions is a pressing issue.”