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Sales: Getting your story right

This crisis has fundamentally changed the way buyers behave and sent a shockwave through tech sales. If businesses are to succeed in this most challenging of environments, they need to get their story right and completely change the way they message buyers.

Update your buyer personas

Life has become much more challenging and uncertain for many buyers. They are focused on themselves and surviving in their role, but they are being bombarded by sales people delivering generic, product-centric sales pitches.

Now more than ever, buyers need to feel that they have been chosen for the right reasons and that the sales approach has been tailored to them specifically. That requires a deep, psychographic buyer persona.

Key to getting there is to switch perspective and look at the world through their eyes. When we do that, the right way to message becomes clearer. Make sure that your sales people can answer the following questions for each of the buyers in their pipeline- if they can’t, consider that opportunity at risk:...