Best online tools that help to improve essay writing skills

Improving your writing skills can be a daunting experience for some individuals. Students face several hindrances during their journey of enhancing their English writing. However, there is an easy way around all such hassles by using online writing tools. So, if you are looking for some perfect tools for writing, read below.


One of the most significant problems that several students often face is planning out their ideas properly. They fail to structure their thoughts before starting their work, which leads to preparing no outline at all. An outline is one of the crucial things a good essay requires. Without it, one cannot even comprehend to end up with a well-written essay.

Luckily, with the help of the online writing tool known as MindNode, students can now quickly and efficiently perform writing their outlines first. Apart from that, this application has some of the best features which are totally out of this world. For instance, MindNode consists of,

  • A more organized work – With the help of MindNode, the possibility of you doing more organized work becomes greater. This feature allows an individual to brainstorm their outline by using a better and structured method.
  • Visual tags – The innovative feature of visual marker lets you do many things that no other writing tool does. Here, you can arrange and add more settings to your context with Visual Tags. Focus on thoughts and carry your concentration to a connected gathering of ideas that are generally not associated.
  • Focus mode – Distraction is an enemy every writer faces while writing. Luckily, if you use MindNode, it will help you work in a distraction-free environment.
  • Widgets – One of the best features of this application is that it provides you with widgets on your phone. This way, wherever you are, you can easily access your work through widgets. For instance, if an idea struck your mind by surprise somewhere, take out your phone and jot down the idea.

Many other features are in this application, proving to be exceptionally resourceful for writers. However, some of you might still face difficulties even if you have this writing software. In such cases, one must always use a custom essay writing service to solve their problems.


If you are looking for a more straightforward tool to work with, you should go with Hemingway software, as it is known to be the tool for newbies. This software is a simple word processing application designed for proofreading and editing for writers. Unlike other software, Hemingway is unique. It is a standalone application which means that it is not reliable for any other thing to work. For instance, you can easily access it online or on windows if you have downloaded the desktop version. However, that is not all. There is a reason why Hemingway is known reputably as one of the best writing tools, its features.

  • Concise writing – As a student, you may have heard your teachers warning you about cutting the dead weight from your text. Fortunately, Hemingway does that work for you automatically. You see, at the end of your essay writing, you need to click on a specific button and boom. All your unnecessary text will disappear, consequently making your text sounder.
  • Highlighter – This application provides the remarkable feature of highlighting complex sentences. For instance, if your text gets highlighted yellow, it means that your sentence is too long and you need to shorten it.
  • Readability grade – As you write along, the software provides your paragraph with a readability grade. A well-written essay will always have a rate between 5th to 8th.
  • Optimal focus – Hemingway allows you to enter a distraction-free mode, where you can work in harmony.

However, Hemingway is not everyone’s cup of tea, according to some reviews. So, if you are one of these people and have to submit your assignment on a sudden basis, try hiring services from Write My Essay For Me.

Easy Essay

The Easy Essay software was mainly made for postgraduate students who needed to develop their thesis. This application can immensely help you to organize and structure your work in a better way. Consequently, doing your essay with a more logical flow. The most admired thing about this interface is that it works in almost all languages making it one of the top writing tools for students.


You might have heard about people recommending you Grammarly whenever you inquired them asking, “how to improve writing skills?” Grammarly software comes with several features that a student might need to enhance their writing skills. For instance, if you use this application, you would be able to single out your passive voice mistakes, punctuation errors, and many more omissions. Grammarly works so that whenever you commit an error in your essay, it highlights the text that contains the error. It also suggests a few alternative answers for the mistakes, which makes your work extremely easy.


One of the top writing tips for students is to make use of the EditMinion software. This operating system is quite simple and easy to use. The primary purpose of this software was to help students who kept making the same common mistakes again and again. Hence, it became to be widely known as the robotic copy editor. EditMinion takes care of it all without any inconvenience, from proofreading and editing to punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

Easy Writing Software

Easy Writing Software is an online operating system for making papers and articles that have enormous value. This application is an all-in-one deal and comprises many features used for efficient essay composing. For instance, the essay master feature helps you create perfect papers, the essay rewriter allows you to recheck and prepare a more mistake-free work and the essay shuffler jumbles up the sentences in the whole document.


The readable application is one of the most effective tools used as a readability test software. With the help of this interface, you can quickly enhance your skills in English as it is much user-friendly. It helps an individual’s essay to make the paper’s content understandable and easy to read.

However, you still need to have a little bit of know-how if you desire to use this online tool.
Improving our essay writing skills is not a task. You need to have sheer will and commitment if you are facing such a kind of challenge. However, online writing tools can help you a great deal if you choose the right one. Luckily, the best of them are mentioned above just for you.