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Seldon raises £17m to help companies deploy machine learning

Image credit: Seldon

Seldon has raised $20m (£16.6m) in Series B funding led by Bright Pixel for its machine learning operations platform.

Founded in 2014, Seldon’s Series B investment has further come from AlbionVC, Cambridge Innovation Capital, and Amadeus Capital Partners.

“Seldon has differentiated itself by presenting a unique solution that is able to reduce the friction for users deploying and explaining ML models across any industry,” said Pedro Carreira, director at Bright Pixel.

“This means more productivity for its clients, faster time-to-value combined with governance, risk and compliance capabilities.”

Businesses including Rakuten and PayPal use Seldon’s software to deploy, manage, monitor and explain machine learning models.

Seldon’s other customers include Johnson & Johnson, Audi and Experian. The company describes itself as ‘MLOps’, a combination of machine learning and DevOps.

Alex Housley, CEO and founder of Seldon, said: “AI is in everything, and Seldon is uniquely positioned to ensure a return on ML investment by providing robust, scalable and secure infrastructure, pioneering a data-centric approach to ML pipelines, prioritizing team collaboration across the organization and making sure teams are able to solve meaningful problems at scale by building trust in machine learning, even under the most intense regulatory conditions.”

Amadeus Capital last month teamed up with Apex Ventures to launch a new £70m fund targeting deep tech.