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The most powerful female VCS in UK tech


As we experience it today, the modern world is possible only because of the unwavering contributions made by women towards our society. While generations of resilient women struggled to help us reach this point, there’s still ways to go. About 47% of women represent the UK labour workforce, out of that only 27% of women comprise the overall VC labour force, as per a Diversity VC report

Women are significantly under-represented in investment teams, with merely 13% of decision-makers in the UK’s venture capital scene. The gender divide is quite evident, as pointed out by Johannes Lenard. While conducting his research with VC firms, he was greeted by a female office assistant who offered him coffee at almost every firm while almost every time, the partner of the fund turned out to be a white male that’s over 40-year old. 

While this scenario is bound to change with time, some inspiring women do exist in the venture capitalist scene. This International Women’s Day, UKTN takes a look at and recognises some of the most prominent female investors in the UK VC space. These women have made a name for themselves by fighting against all odds, working hard and simply being exceptional in their respective fields. ...