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The future of Bioscience in UK, Europe and beyond: a VC PhD’s perspective


Bioscience is where tech, biology, venture capital, social change and, while we’re at it, the future of humanity converge. I feel privileged in my position as both a Venture Capitalist and a PhD in Biophysics and Synthetic Biology, to share a broad view on the future of Bioscience in the UK, Europe and beyond.  

The health of the planet is now a constant conversation. The health of its human population follows closely behind and is perhaps the more optimistic of the two threads. With major advances in biosciences and compute power over the last few decades and the convergence of these technologies, Bio as a sector is primed to drive the next industrial revolution. This will drive seismic shifts across many industries and sectors including energy, materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food as we look to nature to solve some of our existential challenges. Advances emerging from the labs today are not just improvements, they’re paradigm-shifters.

Diseases aren’t just being treated, diseases are being re-engineered and cured at the molecular level. A new biomedical landscape is forming and there are a number of key features and investment implications to this transformation. ...