What to Expect When Renovating a Home During a Pandemic

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At this stage in the COVID 19 journey, many of us have realized that the best course of action is simply to expect the unexpected. With conditions, lockdown restrictions, and case numbers changing by the day, figuring out how to move forward with things like a home renovation can be tricky. The increased time spent inside our homes has also motivated many of us to renovate our spaces. Luckily being this far into the pandemic has also given many business and consumers a chance to adapt to the times as well as to understand the expectations that come with operating during a global pandemic.

Operational Changes

The restrictions that accompany Lockdown 3.0 in the UK will impact the design of how your renovations will be executed. Gone are the days of 25 workers in your home at one time tacking your strict project timeline. The good news is that almost every business related to your renovation needs will have a clearly posted and accessible response to how they are handling the COVID 19 restrictions and what that means for their customers, so you can still create a plan.

Many businesses have done a great job in handling not only the acquisition of new business in these unprecedented times, but also servicing existing clients. Clear and concise policy updates help to manage customer expectations in the process. A domestic lift manufacturer Stiltz released this Covid statement setting their customers up nicely to handle things like delivery delays, virtual appointments, and exaggerated project timelines. They have found a balance between placing priority on the health and safety of their staff and customers while also still operating and providing the same service their reputation has proven you can expect.

Limited Resources

With the pandemic creating a surge in people’s desire to renovate their homes, you need to expect limited resources. This does not apply exclusively to materials; it also applies to human power. General contractors are under strict restrictions regarding going in and out of people’s homes and often that can mean managing only one project at a time, creating a waiting list of sorts.

With a premium placed on a contractor and his/her staff’s time, also expect that you project may be interrupted or halted at any time due to a change in rules and restrictions. This means that you should think carefully about say, demolishing your only bathroom, at this time. Finding out the hard way that the new toilet you ordered will not arrive or cannot be installed for a month, or longer, will have a significant impact on how you can or cannot function in your home.

Budget is something else to consider during a pandemic renovation. The trend of upgrading living spaces is on a huge incline right now, so you should expect to pay more for scarce items and even the cost of home technology. Or to settle for your second, or third, choice due to cost and availability. As you get the plans for your projects underway, think about what you may be capable to handling on your own. Discovering areas that you can DIY instead of hire out, will make these COVID 19 concessions more bearable across the scope of your total project.