You can now track all of Uber’s regulatory problems

With Uber facing a new ban or protest almost every week, it has become nearly impossible to keep track of all the regulatory conflicts the ride-sharing service is facing as a result of its aggressive expansion strategy.

Fortunately, the good folks at Silk, a data visualization company, have compiled a list of the regulatory and legal battles confronting Uber and mapped them. According to Silk’s data, Uber had 35 new regulatory fights in 2014, up from eight new conflicts in 2013.

Uber fights

“2014 brought Uber more regulatory conflicts than the previous years of its existence combined,” says Silk’s blog post.

The battles range from the national ban in India following accusations that an Uber driver raped a passenger, to a lawsuit Uber faces in California for denying service to blind customers.

With another $1.2bn raised late last year, and a partnership that will bring it into China, Uber is likely to continue its furious rate of expansion over the coming year. And if the pattern from 2014 holds, that will also mean another big jump in regulatory battles as well.