Tech World: Dyson’s manufacturing plans in Singapore, Apple gets fined and more

Welcome to Tech World, your quick roundup of some of the month’s top technology news.

In this episode, we bring you the latest on Dyson’s plans in Singapore, Samsung’s and Apple’s fines and more.

For this month’s Hot Topics Interview, we spoke with EY’s Michael Von der Geest about why tech businesses should be customer-obsessed.

First though, here are your top international tech headlines.

Dyson goes to Singapore

Dyson, the UK company best known for its vacuum cleaners, has decided to build its new electric vehicle in Singapore.

The car is expected to roll off the production line in 2021 and Dyson has said the decision to build it overseas was based on the availability of engineering talent, regional supply chains and the proximity to some key target territories.

Dyson has insisted the decision to build the car in Asia, rather than the UK, had nothing to do with the country’s impending departure from the EU.

Italy fines Apple and Samsung

Italian authorities have fined Apple and Samsung millions of euros each over “planned obsolescence” in smartphones.

Apple was hit with a 10 million euro (£8.8m) fine while Samsung received a smaller bill of five million euros.

“Apple and Samsung implemented unfair commercial practices”, the Italian competition authority said in a statement.

Samsung said it was “disappointed” with the decision and said it would appeal.

Nick Clegg joins Facebook

In a somewhat surprising twist, Sir Nick Clegg, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats and ex deputy prime minister, has taken a top job at Facebook.

Clegg will join the tech giant as its head of global affairs and communications team.

It comes after Facebook faced intense scrutiny, as well as the threat of government regulation following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and alleged election meddling.

That’s it for our top global tech news roundup, but keep watching to see this episode’s Hot Topics interview.

We spoke with EY’s Michael Von der Geest about platforms and customer experience.

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