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Tech World: Facebook’s €110m fine, SoftBank’s $93bn tech fund, the new Nokia 3310 and more

Tech World May Georgie

Welcome to Tech World, your quick roundup of some the top technology news stories from across the globe. This month, we have Facebook’s €110m fine, SoftBank’s $93bn tech fund, the new Nokia 3310 and more.

For this episode’s Hot Topic interview, we spoke with Michael Von der Geest from EY about how companies can benefit from digital innovation. We discuss how SMEs can make money from digital innovation and what the current barriers to entry are. First though, here are your top international stories.

WannaCry ransomware

A strain of ransomware called WannaCry infected upwards of 120,000 computers across the world this month. A cybersecurity researcher found a way to put a stop to the malicious software spreading, but it seems the attackers are trying to find a way to resurrect it.

Facebook fine

Facebook was fined €110m by the EU for providing misleading information about its 2014 takeover of WhatsApp. Facebook told the commission in 2014 that it would not be able to link WhatsApp phone numbers with Facebook users’ identities, but went on to do exactly that.

Uber owes drivers millions

Uber is to pay New York City drivers tens of millions of dollars after admitting to underpaying them for two-and-a-half years. The ride-hailing service had been taking a larger cut of drivers’ fares than it was entitled.

SoftBank’s $93bn fund

SoftBank held the first close of its massive Vision Fund at $93bn in committed capital. This news comes seven months after the Japanese telecom giant announced the tech fund’s formation. According to The Financial Times, electronics giant Sharp committed $1bn to the fund.

Nokia 3310

Nokia finally released the new version of its 3310 handset in the UK for the princely sum of £49.99. The retro device features a month-long standby, the classic game Snake, and it weighs just 79.6 grams.

That’s it for our top global tech news roundup, but if you watch the video you’ll see this episode’s Hot Topics interview with Michael Von der Geest from EY about about how startups can make money from helping corporates explore digital innovation.

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